Okay, it’s official, poke bowls have taken the food lovers by storm over the last few years and how! As this traditional Hawaiian dish continues to soar in popularity, it’s common to see new poke bowl restaurants springing up at a rapid pace in various cities across the USA.


Poke bowls are healthy, nutritious, and taste good. What more can a true food connoisseur ask for? More and more people are refraining from taking junk food as it has low nutritional value. Its regular consumption can lead to an increased risk of various medical conditions ( obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, and some cancers).

Raw fish is the main ingredient of a bowl of poke, and it is the reason why people across the world enjoy this nutritious Hawaiian dish. Whether you run a poke bowl restaurant or prefer to cook your own, there are some essential factors to consider when you are out to buy tuna.

  1. Fresh Fish Only

There is nothing wrong with choosing frozen fish, but when it comes to sourcing yellowfin tuna or bigeye tuna for raw fish applications, the fresh product should always be your priority. The simple reason behind this is that it tastes way better than frozen ones.

Fresh tuna has a better texture and has a natural color. When it comes to serving any fish preparation, the flavor, colour and texture mater the most as these factors contribute to its delicious taste.

So, remember to make fresh fish your #1 priority whenever you want to buy tuna for your poke bowl.

  1. Prefer Hawaiian Tuna Over Imported Tuna

The quality and freshness of Hawaiian tuna scores head and shoulders above imported tuna loins, which are usually cheaper. Imported tunas are usually treated with carbon monoxide, which is illegal in many countries. You have no idea what you’re buying in case of imported tuna.

4 Crucial Factors To Consider When Buying Fish For Poke

On the other hand, a fresh Hawaiian tuna is specifically caught for the raw fish market. Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish, and it only makes sense that your staple ingredient should be as close as possible to its origin.

  1. Choosing The Best Grade of Tuna

Remember that not all tunas are created equal in terms of texture, colour, and flavor. The quality of its meat is determined by its diet, age, size, and how it’s caught.

Even though you don’t need the very best grade tuna for poke, but still, you would want to make sure that it holds up really well when cubed and served raw.

Talk to your supplier, and he will be the best person to inform you about various grades available, and which one best suits your specific application and budget.

  1. Responsibility For Natural Resources

Hawaiian ahi, the other name for tuna, is a natural resource that needs to be harvested responsibly to ensure its sustainability in the long term. Chefs and many top restaurants in Southfield and Farmington play a vital role in conservation and sustainability when they choose their source.

4 Crucial Factors To Consider When Buying Fish For Poke

Sourcing Hawaiian ahi is one way to contribute towards a sustainable future. Hawaiian tuna fishery is a well-managed and highly regulated fishery. When you consider its top quality, its conservation is obviously in the best interests of everyone.

Coming to conclusion, when you choose fresh Hawaiian ahi for preparing delicious and nutritious poke bowls, you are ensuring your customers are served only the best quality of poke that delights their taste buds.