Haven’t heard of Poke before?

Soon you will, as in the recent years, Poke is amongst the top trends in the international culinary scene. Nowadays, there are exclusive Poke outlets around the world, from North America, Europe to Asia.

Before we go any further, it is imperative to know what Poke is?


Commonly pronounced as Poh-Kay in Hawaii, Poke is a raw fish salad infused with magical ingredients found in our kitchens.

Poke is served either as an appetizer or a main course in North American countries.

Here, in this post, we won’t be talking about the recipe of Poke, instead discuss five interesting facts about this flavorsome Hawaii dish that even the locals haven’t heard.

So, fasten your seatbelt to get awestruck:-

1. Poke Was A Popular Fishman Snack

While the true origin of Poke still remains a big mystery, there is a popular belief among the locals that the fishermen of Hawaii first created this infused dish of raw fish with seasoned ingredients.

The fishermen had Poke as an evening snack after a tiring fishing day. They seasoned the fresh fish they captured, dice it and have a bowl full of goodness.

2. Poke Was A Ubiquitous Dish of Hawaii

“Poke is in the air of Hawaii.”

As soon as you land in Hawaii, the first thing that you’ll come across is that the Poke is everywhere-, local Dearborn-based restaurants have it as a main course dish in several variations, while street vendors are selling it like a noon and evening snack.

In Hawaii, the supermarkets are allowed to stock up to twenty house-made varieties and poke shacks can be found widely statewide.

3. Poke Has Infinite Variations

“Limitless Possibilities with Poke”

As said earlier, restaurants here in Hawaii can max stock 20 variations, but there are probably one million varieties of poke dishes prepared in different parts of the world.

The possibilities with poke are endless, any kind of seafood with kitchen ingredients can be mixed-in to have a traditional flavor or a contemporary taste.

4. Poke With Salmon is Not Authentic

Did you know the Poke served with salmon is not part of the original Hawaii cuisine? It sounds strange, but that’s true. The classic Poke during the late 1800s was prepared from raw ahi tuna or cured octopus.

So, the next time when you dine at a restaurant marketed to be an authentic Hawaii food place and serve poke with salmon, make sure you let them know that they are not offering the traditional Huwaaii poke dish.

5. Poke Was Originally Made Out of Hawaiian Reef Fish

Who says, you need the tuna fish to prepare Hawaiian Poke?

The legendary history of Poke is deeply connected to the Hawaiian fishermen. They would slice the fish as raw and season it with whatever they have in hand. The commonly used ingredients were:-

5 Amazing Facts You Haven't Known About A Poke Dish

  • Sea Salt
  • Candlenuts
  • Seaweed
  • Limu, a Kind of Brown Algae

Final Thoughts

We would like to hear from you if you had a Hawaiian lunch in Detroit-come on share your experience in the comments section of this blog post.