A Salad from every Corner of the World

‘A salad is not a meal. It is a style – Fran Lebowitz’

Salad! Traditionally reserved in the column of appetisers, is now increasingly becoming the people’s choice of main meals.

Wondering why?

The phrase stated above has a lot to explain about it! 

Integrated with the healthy ingredients and scrumptious condiments, salads have taken over the major portion of platters for their countless benefits and finger licking taste. Also, we owe a lot to the salad-chains for promoting a healthy custom of salads!
Just as the endless variety of salads are being served across the globe using multifold variants, foodies are embracing it wholeheartedly for its added advantage of high nutritional value, coming along with its easy course of digestion.

We can say that Salads have significantly evolved from a hand-bowl of raw vegetables to exotic varieties being served today in the Star-Hotels.   

This post is, in fact, an interesting attempt to put across the new variety of salads being relished in various parts of the world. You will be amazed to note how excitingly the style of salad has been experimented with different range of ingredients to make it a cuisine in itself!

Here we go!

1. Bread Salad from Italy: 

A Salad from every Corner of the World


Panzanella or Panmolle is the official name given to the bread salad of Italy which is made from the ingredients of soaked stale bread, cucumbers, and onions with lemon or vinegar on the top.

Panzanella is greatly enjoyed in the middle part of Italy. The modern-day alterations brought in it are the customizations of celery, red wine, parsley, boiled egg, white wine, olive, mozzarella and more that have opened great avenues of enjoying it in different tastes and flavors.   

2. Candy Salad from the USA:

A Salad from every Corner of the World

Also known as Snickers Salad, it is a wholesome option of salad that includes Snickers bar, whipped cream, and Granny Smith apples as its prime ingredients.

Due to its sweet flavor, it often remained a topic of debate, whether to call it a salad or dessert! Certain variations are brought in this salad as that of fruits like strawberries, grapes, bananas, pineapples along with flavoring of sour cream, cream cheese, and marshmallow cream.

In the year 2009, the recipe of Candy Salad even got published in Indianapolis Star with the title that reads ‘Salads worthy of a Church Picnic’.

3. Cereal Salad from Turkey:

A Salad from every Corner of the World


Kisir is an authentic Turkish salad made from combining the bulgar, parsley and tomato paste. Bulgur is prepared by partially boiling the crushed grains of different wheat species, especially the durum wheat.

Mixing the cereal base with onions, garlic, cucumbers, cornichons, Kisir is savored for its healthful properties that can also be made gluten-free by replacing wheat with the cereals like quinoa, millet, and rice.

Due to the cereal advantage and filling property, Kisir salad is widely enjoyed as a main course meal. 

4. Pasta Salad:

A Salad from every Corner of the World

Pasta Salad is one salad that is celebrated worldwide as a delicious delight. It is commonly served as an appetizer, side dish and sometimes as a main course food item has widely been relished for its light yet filling nature.

Pasta Salads have made a permanent mark in the category of bestseller meals in the menus of many restaurants apart from Italian restaurants serving authentic Italian style pasta salads to its customers.  

We believe since pasta is the original creation of Italy and it must have been the place of origin for Pasta Salad too.

5.Egg Salad from Israel:

A Salad from every Corner of the World


Egg Salad or Sabich Salad of Israel is a classic example of salad that is made from the ingredients of hard-boiled egg, eggplant, potato, parsley, and amba. The filling is generally put into the pita bread or is relished otherwise.

The word Sabich means ‘morning’ in Arabic, and the roots of this recipe come from an Iraqi-Jewish dish.


6. Fish Salad from Malaysia:

A Salad from every Corner of the World

Yusheng, a popular fish salad option served from the territory of Malaysia, is made from strips of fish combined with shredded vegetables and sauces to delight the taste buds of foodies. Yusheng in literal terms means raw fish, which is further customized with the ingredient of radish, carrots, ginger, onion slices, peanuts, pepper to enhance the taste quotient of the salad.

7. Fruit Salad from Cambodia:

A Salad from every Corner of the World


Green Papaya Salad known as Bok l’hong in the native language of Cambodia, is a salad made from papaya, sour lime, chillies, and basil.

The mixture is prepared in the form of mortar so as to extract the flavor from its ingredients properly. The dressing is done by either the shrimp paste or fish sauce with further combining it with diced veggies like tomatoes and carrots to make it a spicy yet delectable delight.

8. Green Salad from Mexico:

A Salad from every Corner of the World


Commonly known as Caesar Salad, the Mexican tradition include romaine lettuce and croutons with a further topping of lemon, olive oil, egg, garlic, and parmesan cheese to get to their Mexican Green Salad.

Green Salads otherwise have taken over the menus of almost every country where healthy salads are made using the seasoned greens and veggies of a particular region to be served as an appetizer.

9. Meat Salad from Thailand:

A Salad from every Corner of the World


Apart from the seafood items, Thailand serves a wide range of salads that includes Phla Mu, a pork-based salad being mediumly cooked with a simple dressing of lime juice, chillies, shallots and onions over it.

The Phla style salads are popularly made from either Phla Mu (pork), Phla Kung (prawns) or Phla Nuea (beef) are generally garnished with lemon-grass, mint, herbs, and coriander from the top. 

10. Mushroom Salad from Finland:

A Salad from every Corner of the World


Finnish Mushroom salad is made from the button mushrooms being mixed with beetroot, potatoes, onions, carrots, and smetana. Smetana is sour cream with 12 to 36% milk used for baking and cooking.

11. Seafood Salad from Hawaii:

A Salad from every Corner of the World


Poke Salad from Hawaii uses yellowfin tuna fish as its main ingredient which is marinated with sea salt, soya sauce, sesame oil, and chilli pepper to prepare the authentic form of Poke Salad.

This mouth-watering delicacy is served in many famous restaurants by making specific customizations of shellfish and salmon in place of tuna fish along with other poke seasonings that serve as a great source of protein, satiating the taste buds as well.

Eat Poke Poke is one fine example that offers the authentic poke salad. To enjoy a flavorsome feast, you need to drop by your near Poke restaurant and taste the goodness of all the rich ingredients in a bowl serving.

Hope you enjoyed reading the different varieties of salad coming from the roots of different nations and won’t delay further to experience these tasty delicacies.