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Eat Right during COVID-19 Lockdown—4 Hawaiian Recipes you Must Try

COVID-19 has brought our fast-paced world to a grinding halt. Right from the world’s financial capital New York, to South Asia’s heart New Delhi to the holy city of Rome, there is a lockdown across the globe.

At this most testing time, we all are anxious, and the negativity over social media further fuels this feeling.

This is why having a well-balanced, healthy diet is indispensable. It not only lowers the risk of chronic illness like diabetes but also helps people better deal with their rapid mood swings, anxiety, and depression. 

With all that in mind, we’ll be listing five delectable and super healthy Hawaiian dishes.

Let’s Check Out:-

     1. Poi

Eat Right during COVID-19 Lockdown—4 Hawaiian Recipes you Must Try

A traditional filler starch recipe which is a staple for native Hawaiians. Poi is a thick paste dish prepared from taro root. Taro is a renowned plant, popular not only in Hawaii but across the Pacific and Polynesian islands too.

Poi is either pounded, baked or steamed. For the pounding method, water needs to be added to the mixture for maintaining a sticky consistency like a pudding.

The flavor of Poi is uniquely starchy and a little bit sour because of the light fermentation in preparation. The flavor and texture of Poi has an uncanny ability to hypnotize the taste buds of any true foodie.

You can either prepare this dish in your kitchen or order online from an authentic and healthy restaurant

What Makes Poi So Healthy?

Poi dish is a rich source of Manganese, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. This food is low on sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

     2. Laulau

Eat Right during COVID-19 Lockdown—4 Hawaiian Recipes you Must Try

An authentic Hawaiian dinner is incomplete without these mild, slightly sweet wraps known as Laulau.

While the poi recipe mentioned above is prepared from taro root, laulau from its leaves.

Traditionally, laulau is pork wrapped in the layers of the taro leaves. It is cooked in an underground oven setting for hours till it achieves that mouth-watering smoky flavor and softness that melts in the mouth. The meat is juicy and tender, and the taro leaves taste like spinach. You can substitute pork for fish or chicken.

What Makes Laulau So Healthy?

Yes, the laulau dish is good for health. The taro leaves are the main ingredient of this native Hawaiian recipe. These leaves are power-packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

     3. Kalua Pig

Eat Right during COVID-19 Lockdown—4 Hawaiian Recipes you Must Try

Kalua Pig is another giant in the Hawaiian cuisine. This pork dish has a moist, tender, and a wonderful saltiness as it is cooked in an underground oven. Kalua pig goes great with a bowl of steamed rice.

What Makes Kalua Pig So Healthy?

Low on fat content, this custom Hawaiian dish is good for health. It is also rich in vitamins, phosphorus, selenium, pantothenic acid, and other minerals.


Eat Right during COVID-19 Lockdown—4 Hawaiian Recipes you Must Try

This dish is simply a Hawaiian version of sashimi (raw fish). However, instead of slicing the fish thinly like for sashimi, poke is served in bite-size hearty cubes.

Ahi (tuna) is the most popular fish choice, but there are a myriad of other fresh saltwater fish options to try.

Nowadays, Hawaiian poke is served around the world in a variety of forms. Right from soya, Limu to spicy mayo poke, there are numerous marinaded combinations.

One of the biggest innovations is poke served in a bowl of steamed rice.

You can order the most authentic poke dish from a top restaurant in Dearborn.

What Makes Poke So Healthy?

A poke bowl is loaded with an incredible amount of good fats. It is high in protein, especially Omega 3 which helps individuals battle depression as well as improve eye health.

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