Food lovers across the world probably do not need an introduction to Sushi- a Japanese staple that has been savored by people for more than 700 years now. The combination of seafood, rice, and vegetables make for a delicious and healthy food item that is relished by all foodies, especially sushi lovers. 

Sushi is available in a seemingly endless number of variations but one thing that remains common in all of them is the number of health benefits they offer. Not every food you eat is beneficial for your health, so Sushi is something that you can enjoy while benefiting your health in one way or another. 

Sushi – A Healthy Option For Heart 

Sushi remains a healthy option due to the manner in which it is prepared. Various components used for making Sushi are uncooked which means there are no fatty additives. Since no agents and additives are added to Sushi during preparation, it retains more of its healthy components which are often lost when cooked out. 

The raw fish used in the making of Sushi contains high amounts of concentrated Omega 3 fatty acids which fight heart disease and lower cholesterol. When the healthy HDL cholesterol is raised, the LDL cholesterol which is the unhealthy cholesterol gets lowered. It is the latter which contributes to atherosclerosis and artery blockage.

Omega 3 fatty acids also improve and increase blood circulation in our body. It may seem insignificant, but the fact is that it is a vital part of diabetes. Although there’s no medical evidence to back this claim, doctors still theorize that diabetes patients with poor blood circulation are benefited when they eat Sushi.


Eating Sushi Makes You More Healthy!

Hormone Regulation

Many sushi rolls are wrapped in thin “seaweed” sheets, also called nori in Japanese. Seaweed contains a number of healthy minerals, amongst which iodine is the most prominent. This is a key mineral which is an essential part of our diet and is very important to the proper functioning of our thyroid glands.  

It is true that excessive iodine can have negative effects on your health, but seaweed contains this mineral in balanced proportions which helps balance hormones and optimization of metabolic activities. 

Cancer Prevention

Besides fish, sushi is made of many other components which have their own health benefits. Ingredients may vary from roll to roll and according to the cooking style of the cook. Most sushi rolls are served with wasabi and ginger which both have antioxidant compounds. 

These antioxidants can neutralize free radicals, and therefore, prevent them from mutating into cancer cells. Trace mineral selenium found in sushi is also reported to have anticancer properties as well. 

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Strengthens Immune System 

As mentioned before, sushi is much more than a delicious fish. Wasabi and ginger are two ingredients that are paired with sushi. Both of them have antibacterial properties and if there’s any concern about unwanted bacteria, then these two can kill off bacteria, which, in turn, can bolster your immune system. 

Muscle Repair 

As is well known, fish is an excellent source of protein which is a natural muscle building supplement. It can aid in muscle repair and recovery if you’re hitting gym regularly. Have sushi at least 2-3 times a week as an integral part of your fitness regime. 

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