While, for almost an eternity Poke was Hawaiian main course, but this dish has flared up in popularity to hit the menus of bistros, cafes, and eatery outlets in just every part of the world.



A 2017 report by the Business Insider revealed that poke is the biggest growing causal trend- a big feat as the Salomon chopped chains are mushrooming worldwide. 

But, now the million-dollar question, is poke a healthy meal for you and our kids? Let’s find the answer together:-

A Healthy Dish For All


Poke bowls in Detroit are an exceptionally healthy appetizer or a main course meal that is infused with plenty of vibrant coloured veggie salads, chopped onions, avocado as a variant. 

Additionally, it has a spectrum of nutritional ingredients such as beans, seeds, grains, and not to forget raw tuna or any other variation.

A bowl of poke is quite healthy for all age groups. This traditional Hawaiian dish is power-packed with the best of omega-3 fats, which is good for preventing and managing heart disease. Add to that, the nutrient-powdered vegetables, processed carbohydrates, and minimal calories, a traditional poke is highly nutritious. 

However, the variations of poke have gone off track across the globe, as the poke is now a trend. 

Nowadays, you probably come across a variety of the poke dish options, with tasty ingredients, spanning from fried meats, noodles, etc., served in the name of poke.

While the values of the poke dish remain as the core strength, the poke bowls with heavy dressings are high in calorie counts, generally 500-1000 calories. However, you can switch from white rice to brown rice or quinoa to serve your family a healthy meal always. 

The other problem with poke bowls served at restaurants in Dearborn and various parts of the world is that they are typically dressed with Asian salads and sauces, which are high in sodium content. 

To better understand, 1000mg of sodium per serving is for soya sauce.

Final Verdict

Unarguably, poke dish is healthier in comparison to the fast-food menu, including French fries, burgers, or white sauce pasta. And, not to mention, poke is fresh food as it contains lean protein along with good fats for the body. 

So, in a nutshell, what you add to the poke bowl makes the difference, whether it is a healthy dish or like unhealthy fast food.