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How do I change my loyalty account phone number?

While you can’t change your registered phone number, we can help you transfer your points and rewards to your new phone number and disable the old account. Register for a new Poke Poke Sushi Unrolled loyalty account with your new phone number. Once you do, contact marketing@eatpokepoke.com and we will help you with the transfer process.

Where in the app can I find my point balance?

Visit the “My Rewards” portion of the app. Your point tally is located at the top of the page. The rewards you can redeem with your points are located below. If they are locked, you do not have enough points to unlock that particular reward yet.

What rewards can I earn with the Poke Rewards program?

In addition to the $5 sign up reward, you will earn the following rewards: Birthday – $5 off your next meal (expires 30 days) 50 Points -> Free Fountain Drink or 20 Ounce Pepsi Drink 100 Points -> $5 Off Next Meal 200 Points -> Free Regular Bowl 350 Points -> Free Large Bowl 500 Points -> $20 Off Next Meal 1000 Points -> $50 Off Next Meal

How do I earn points for my visit?

From the home screen of your Poke Poke Sushi Unrolled app, please select the Scan icon so your cashier can scan the QR code on your device. You can also provide your phone number and we will get your points entered.

How do I redeem a reward during my visit?

Following the same process described above, your cashier will be able to see any eligible rewards you have in your account and will ask you if you would like to redeem one during your visit.