Sushi is a well-loved and popular dish not only in the country where it originated (Japan) but also in various parts of the world. This delicious food is known as much for its amazing taste as it is for its nutritional properties. 

Though raw fish and rice are primary ingredients, there is a wide variety of condiments and accompaniments that play an essential role in adding flavor and aroma to sushi. Some of them also make sushi safe to eat and prevent food poisoning. 

When you sit down to relish your bowl of tasty and healthy sushi, you may be surprised by the vast array of condiments and accompaniments on the table. Of course, you are not likely to add all of them, but it helps to know which ones can make your bowl of rice topped with raw fish a touch more tasty than it already is. 

Let us read about the most popular condiments and accompaniments to sushi that have contributed to making it one of the most relished food items across the globe.

Sushi Vinegar: Sushi Protection 

It is an indispensable condiment for the safe consumption of sushi. It has powerful sterilizing and anti-bacterial effects. Sushi vinegar or Rice vinegar is also used to moisten the hands when rolling sushi to keep them clean and hygienic. It also prevents the rice from sticking to hands. 



Wasabi is a green colored paste that you will find served along with sushi dishes. It is very spicy and contains allyl isothiocyanate that keeps fish fresh for a long time. 

It is the strong taste and smell of wasabi that aids the digestion of food and stimulates the appetite. It also acts as an effective neutralizer of raw fish odors and replaces it with a fresh smell. 


Soy Sauce 

You can easily find several variants of soy sauce at sushi restaurants in Farmington. Its delicious aroma and complex flavor help to make sushi more tasty and flavorful. Moreover, it also helps sterilize against bacteria. There is a traditional soy sauce which is salty, and then there is Ponzu, a citrusy flavored soy sauce which is sweet. 


Pickled Ginger 

Pickled ginger, also known as Gari, can be easily identified by pink-colored, thin slices, generally located on the corner of your plate. The strong sterilizing properties of ginger boost the immune system and prevent food poisoning.


Finely sliced ginger is pickled in sweet vinegar to give a distinctive pale pink color. Gari also eradicates any lingering aftertaste after having a bowl of sushi. It is also a very effective palate cleanser.

Hot Mustard and Chilli Oil 

There are several options available if you are looking to have spicy sushi. Hot mustard sauce is smooth and creamy, which can be used to dip in your sushi pieces lightly. Ground mustard gives it a smooth texture and light yellow tint. 

Alternately, you may see a bowl of chilli oil filled with oil and chilli powder. This mixture is used for dipping rice as it absorbs some of the oil and carries the flavor of the chilli.


Summing it up, these are just a few of the most common condiments used in dishes served across sushi restaurants. If you are eager to explore such flavorful and aromatic accompaniments and condiments,  order online and have your desired sushi delivered at your doorstep.