Commonly pronounced as ”Poh-Keh,” Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish which in recent years, has become popular across the globe. 


Typically, prepared from rice, vegetables, and not to forget, finest-quality fresh raw, fresh, a bowl of Poke is a fusion of hot & cold elements, combined with raw and cooked proteins to prepare a delectable meal for all.

What makes the Poke dish so special is the two facets combined together; first, it is simple to prepare; secondly, poke is crave-worthy and well-balanced in taste. Poke is both served as an appetizer and a main course worldwide, from North America, Europe, and Asia to the African continent. 

Today, poke is a global trend as not only does it strike the right chord with the taste buds but also a healthy dish. Poke is served in a manifold of variants, salmon mixed with chilli paste, tako, shrimp, or tofu at many restaurants in Southfield.

Read on To Know the Original Recipe of Authentic Poke Dish-


Ingredients Needed To Prepare A Bowl of Hawaiian Poke Dish 

A traditional bowl of the Hawaiian Poke Dish is prepared of the best-quality, fresh sashimi-grade Ahi tuna, chopped macadamia nuts, sweet onions, soy sauce, scallions, and sesame oil.

How to Make the Poke Dish?

Once you have racked up the above-listed ingredients, the next step must recognize the quantity as we prepare this dish from tuna, which feels and looks best when served fresh, so avoid leftovers. 

The many other ingredients such as scallions, raw onion slices, and hopped macadamia nuts will be at their best texture when consumed hot. 

Now, coming to the preparation of the poke, start by carefully slicing the tuna fish into 1-inch cubes, take your time as uneven tuna hamper the aesthetic appeal of the authentic poke dish. 

It is desirable that you must slice the tuna against the grain to bring about the finest texture & tenderness.

While you have a poke dish as it is, it is splendidly served with steamed rice as per the authentic Hawaiian recipe adhered by every top restaurant in Farmington.

However, one thing you need to make sure is that the steamed rice isn’t hot at the time of mingling with the poke.


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