Poke has made a great leap from once being Hawaiian fishermen snack to getting featured on the global cuisine nowadays. For a food connoisseur who wants to dig their fingers deeper, this blog is worth reading!

What Is Poke?


Poke is a dish that originated from Hawaii. Back then, a poke bowl was simple and made of raw reef fish fillets, sea salt, and garnished with crushed Kukui nuts.

Now, the poke has a myriad of variations worldwide, even for vegetarians.

A typical bowl of poke served at a restaurant in Dearborn includes raw fish cubes (generally salmon or tuna), veggies, chilli pepper, sesame seeds, rice, and topped with a layer of seasoning. 

How Healthy is a Bowl of Poke?

Poke bowls are healthy as they are loaded with yummy and nutritious Superfoods. In this post, we’ll be putting forth compelling reasons that suggest why poke is an ultimate healthy dish for everyone.

1. Contain Good Fats

Our food is composed of two fat types. One is the bad fat that contributes to the increased levels of unhealthy cholesterol in the body as it contains saturated and trans fatty acids. The other type is the good fat required by the human body to work efficiently all day long.  Your poke bowl is loaded with good fat. A basic poke recipe, including tuna and white rice, is power-packed with a high amount of protein and good fats, especially the Omega-3. The Omega-3 helps in combat hyper-anxiety & depression and improves eye health. 

2. Prepare Your Own Healthy Poke Bowl


You’re a fan of pizza, but the fitness freak in you doesn’t allow you to order it because of high-calorie content. Right? 

Such a situation is quite common, but with poke, you have complete freedom of customisation. 

You can substitute starch-rich white rice with healthy brown rice to maintain your daily calorie intake. Some of the suggested ingredients include:

  • Beans
  • Seaweed
  • Kale
  • zucchini 
  • Edamame


Eat Healthy and Delicious-It’s a Big Win-Win Situation

3. Just Like a Salad


Having salad while dieting seems obvious. But, you can spruce up the dull taste of your salad with fresh fish cubes, steamed rice, and nut topping. Well, that’s your poke bowl ready to be served!

Those who are not a fan of salad would probably have a change of mind when they see a bowl of poke because there is an array of flavours to choose from. 

Poke-It’s Like Eating Salad, but Not Really.

4. Poke is a Calorie-Friendly Dish

If you’re one of those who count the calories before tossing something into your plate, then a poke bowl can be your best pal. 

One bowl of poke contains less than 500 calories. You further reduce those calories by making certain good and healthy ingredient choices.  For example, opt for spring onion instead of the fried onions.

Skip These High-Calorie Flavoured Sauces

  • Spicy Mayo: 300 Calories
  • Poke Sauce: 200 Calories
  • Ginger Ponzu: 200 Calories

Have Fresh Vegetable Toppings

  • Onion Crisps: 75 Calories
  • Avocado: 70 Calories
  • Edamame: 40 Calories
  • Seaweed Salad: 30 Calories
  • Green Onion: 10 Calories

One poke bowl consisting of salmon, cucumber, brown rice, and a simple garnishing has approx five grams fat, 20 grams of carbohydrates, and 24 grams protein.

Final Thoughts

Dieticians are split over “How Health a Bowl of Poke Is.” But, they all agree on one thing – how you prepare the poke bowl determines the health factor. 

If you want to savour the authentic flavour of the Hawaiian poke in Dearborn, order online or visit the restaurant with your family or friends. 

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