It is a matter of truth that either a dish can be delicious or healthy, these are like the two rail lines of a railway track that travel together but never meets.

But there are a few healthy recipes that can be tasty, and Hawaiian poke is one amongst them. This has become a popular trend among health advocates across the globe.


In a world, high-calorie deep-fried food and white bread are the best lunch options, the Hawaiian poke power-packed with natural and fresh ingredients could be a refreshing break. 

Right from bodybuilders, athletes to the weight-watchers, poke is a worthy add-on to their diet regimen.

The Many Health Benefits of The Hawaiian Poke: –

We all will agree on one thing that the raw, fresh veggies are the foundation of any healthy dish, and a bowl of Hawaiian poke has a diversity of wholesome ingredients with natural goodness. 

Avocado, an ingredient of the traditional poke dish is rich in potassium, fiber, and monounsaturated fatty acids significantly lower levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Onions and carrots are the most commonly found veggies in various poke recipes worldwide have countless minerals and rich in amino acids. 

You can opt for the healthy alternative of brown rice rather than the conventional white rice, to make your afternoon bowl of poke healthy infused with the goodness of protein, thiamine, and magnesium.

Now, coming to the real star of the show is the fresh fish. The high quality, sushi-grade seafood many numerous health benefits as mentioned below:-


  • Improves Heart Health
  • Better Regulation of Hormones in The Body
  • Boost The Body Metabolism
  • Bolster the Immune System

How? The fish is a rich source of protein and many healthy ingredients. The essential ingredients include fatty acids like omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 enhance brain functioning. The fatty acids in the fish are helpful in maintaining cholesterol levels in the body and strengthen the overall cardiovascular health. 

On average, a bowl of the 5oz of the Hawaiian poke has 104 calories with 21grms of protein. Therefore, a great recipe on those who are on a diet or in the quest to have the perfect lean body without compromising on their daily energy levels.


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